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Writing Woes.

I have written a lot of short stories, most of which the world shall never see, and most of which I won't count as writing because the bulk of my prose took place in my teens.
And lets face it, we never make anything remotely good in our teen-years. I wouldn't even consider mine to be a stepping stone-- unless it was to step off a cliff; the Mary Su-niverses that I had created would make even the most steadfast 'I love life!' cliche archetypes make the jump.

I wrote a lot in high-school, but then stopped because I found the more people I let in on the project for brainstorming, the more I was criticized on how I worked by outsiders. One person even refused to speak to me because I got a higher mark than them on a creative writing assignment. I really should have just took my fathers advice: "What? Well it's none of their goddamned business what you do!" but the Pandora's box of anxiety was already opened and it affected my work, and then when TZH webcomic started all my other writing projects stopped.

Years later I am picking it up again for my latest project, because, well, I gotta. Telling story's is not only one of my pastimes, but it's my job. Which makes things all the more difficult.
I feel like I can't write anymore. I'll look at my journals in the past and go 'wow I wrote that? I'm really out of practice.' I haven't written in ages, only scripts for TZH, and I am not saying that comics have crippled my ability to tell a good story, it's more like, I haven't told another story in so long that I am really REALLY out of practice, and out of ideas.

Stress is most likely a contributing factor. Money has been tight, and I no longer have a place of solitude where I can be alone and work, there are always some-sort of interruption that pulls me away, or distracts me, even if I am in-front of the screen and there is complete silence.

I can't think of good endings, either, which has been my biggest and latest issue thusfar. I have been stuck on endings for TZH and the other project for years. I know what happens at the VERY end, but I don't know how to get to the part before it, the climax? 'The fight or car chase scene?' Yeah, I find that I need to know the ending to start the groundwork, or else I'm completely lost. I have written as far as I can for both, but now I find myself somewhat stuck, again.

I have been making an effort to get off my pity-party-ass and get 'er done, and I have found a program called Scrivener, and if you haven't heard it's the best thing for writing since ever, and it has completely streamlined how I work. It's for the Mac but there is a beta version for Windows.

Yeah, if you are a writer I seriously suggest checking this program out. It's only $45 bucks, so that is an amazing. Hopefully it's the kick in the pants I need to get everything going again, but we'll see.
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